Welcome to Alta East Bay Pathology

Surgical / Oncological Pathology


  • Board certified and experienced pathologists evaluate each case and order appropriate ancillary testing for accurate diagnosis and relevant patient-specific prognostic information
  • Access to the extensive immunohistochemistry stains and molecular studies to meet the needs of each patient
  • All diagnostic and prognostic information is incorporated into one clear, detailed and comprehensive report
  • Expert pathologists are readily available to discuss results and answer any questions


  • Review of surgical pathology specimens including biopsies and cancer resection specimens
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for most non-complex cases
  • All new diagnoses of malignancy are verified by a second pathologist
  • Access to the latest molecular diagnostic and prognostic testing


  • Our team of Board certified pathologists rely on their educational experiences from top academic centers around the country (UCSF, Stanford, UCLA, Washington University) to deliver academic-caliber interpretation (see Bios for additional details).