Diagnostic Services


  • Board certified, sub-specialty trained and experienced pathologists evaluate each case to order appropriate and cutting-edge ancillary studies for accurate diagnosis and relevant patient-specific prognostic information
  • Access to the latest cytogenetic, FISH and molecular studies to meet the needs of a personalized medicine algorithm
  • All diagnostic and prognostic information is incorporated into one clear, detailed and comprehensive report
  • Expert pathologists are always immediately available to discuss results and answer any questions


  • Review of any hematological disorders involving peripheral blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes or solid organs
  • Interpretation of flow cytometry and FISH studies, offered through our partner laboratories
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for most non-complex cases
  • Second opinion reviews of cases
  • Access to the latest cytogenetic and molecular diagnostic and prognostic testing


Dr. Sebastian Sasu, and Dr. Azadeh Esmaeili draw on their educational experiences at UCLA, UCSF, and University of Chicago to deliver academic-caliber interpretation (see Bios for additional details).