Alta East Bay Pathology / Collaborations

AEBP strategically partners with complimentary competencies in Histology and Molecular Diagnostic medicine:

Our Vision

Enabling Integrated Care Model (ICM): Patient care model featuring seamless transitions leading to improved outcomes—value not volume

  • AEBP-Pathologists working in tandem with “your” physicians dedicated to finding what makes each cancer unique, enabling individually tailored/targeted treatment programs and optimal outcomes for your patients
    • Patient-Centric—Just as every person is unique, so is every cancer
      • Alta East Bay Pathology will actively consult with you in developing targeted treatment through best diagnostic practices assuring individually tailored treatment programs.
    • Evidence-Based—In coordination with our Academic Level Qualified Genomic Molecular Diagnostics specialists
      • With Genomic Medicine’s exponential growth, it is crucial to implement in addition to proven and tested treatment strategies, the latest prognostic tools for individualized medical treatment protocols. Our AEBP sub-specialists act as your consultant but also work with you as your patient’s advocate.
    • Coordinated Care—From inpatient diagnostic to outpatient prognostic-targeted patient management
      • Our local team is easily accessible for consultations regarding the most effective diagnostic algorithms and prognostic markers for optimization of treatment protocols including chemotherapy and radiation, and for subsequent assessment of therapy effectiveness.